Professional Accredited Course

Welcome to the Autism, Anxiety and Sleep Diploma. This course is specifically designed for professionals who wish to expand their knowledge and career aspects. With the growing number of autism diagnoses, it is so important that as professionals, we have a solid base knowledge and information for families in order to give the right level of support and advice. It's essential to know the different approaches you need to take when working with an autistic child in order to achieve the best results possible.

If you're a professional who is looking to reach a whole new audience then this is the course for you!

What does the full course offer you?

By the end of the Autism and Anxiety Diploma you will have extensive knowledge of both autism and anxiety and how to successfully work with families who need your help.

You will learn all about autistic and anxiety traits, how to differentiate your current working practice and style to suit the needs of an autistic/ anxious child and their families.

You will be confident with advice, knowledge and scientific data to help support your current knowledge, training or qualifications.

You will be able to deliver a diverse and detailed support package and consultation, delivering the accurate and up to date information which is essential for success and solutions.

Help Parents and Carers sleep better

Use your new certification to help so many families with autistic children, get a better night sleep.

Create a unique sleep method that actually works!

Often standard sleep methods you have grown to love and use, aren't as successful with autistic children.Learn how to crate a truly bespoke package for successful results.

Help families connect again!

Sleep support is so much more than just sleep. Help families connect to ensuring the best possible sleep outcome for their autistic or anxious child

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